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Providing assistance to attorney's and pro per clients in divorce, modifications, visitations, and child support collections.
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Prison Law is a very important aspect of our job. From wrongful convictions to sentence reductions. We do it all.
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Family Law

- Divorce
- Child Custody
- Modification's
- Child/Spouse Support

Judgment Collection

- Small Claims
- Child Support
- Civil Suit
- Attorney Fee's

Self Represented Party

Preparing legal documents can be an intimidating task, and many California residents seek the assistance of an attorney when feeling overwhelmed by paperwork. The pressure to know the law and to complete the forms correctly can be daunting to those trying to do everything themselves. Depending on your legal needs, there may be a more affordable alternative to hiring an attorney: under California statutory law, certain types of legal services can be performed by Legal Document Assistants (LDAs) or Unlawful Detainer Assistants (UDAs).

Legal-document and unlawful-detainer assistants provide, for compensation, self-help assistance to members of the public who are representing themselves in legal matters. Under no circumstances can they provide legal advice or opinion, but they are permitted to: 1) prepare legal documents; 2) provide attorney-authored general information and published legal documents; and 3) file and serve documents at the direction of the client.

LDAs and UDAs are often confused with paralegalsa nd legal assistants, but consumers should be aware of the crucial differences that exist between the professions. Paralegals and legal assistants, by definition, perform substantive legal work under the supervision of a licensed attorney. If you have an attorney representing you, it's likely that the attorney will have some assistance from a paralegal or legal assistant in document preparation, research, and correspondence for your case. Ultimately, the attorney is responsible for the paralegal's work product and can be held liable if a mistake is made. California Business and Professions Code § 6450 defines and describes the role of the paralegal, though laws will vary from state to state.

Criminal Defense

- Retained Counsel
- Appointed Counsel
- OAC/Pro Per Assistance
- Writs: Prop. 36, SB260, etc.


- Three Day / 30 Day
- Unlawful Detainer
- Default's & Trials
- Sheriff Kick-Out

On Demand Paralegals

Not only are attorneys who outsource more productive, but they also realize higher revenues because they pay only for the work being done. Let’s compare the cost of a full-time employee to a virtual paralegal.

A full-time, salaried paralegal averages $62,700 annually, which breaks down to about $30 per hour. The employer, however, is on the hook for an additional 35 percent in taxes and benefits (paid lunches, overtime, personal leave, overhead, professional dues, and non-productive time) for a total budget expense of about $84,600 per year.

On the other hand, a savvy solo or small firm may need only ten hours of paralegal support over the course of each week. Assuming a flat rate of $55 per hour for 52 weeks (520 hours total) for virtual paralegal assistance—without the extra expenses associated with payroll taxes, insurance, benefits, overhead, and other hidden costs—the annual cost to the firm would be just $28,600. This yields a relative savings of about $56,000—almost the cost of the base salary of the full-time employee.

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Served 8 years on a 25 to life sentence for petty theft with a prior. We drafted a Prop. 36 petition which was granted by Judge Couzens.

Richard B.
Sutter County, California

Client served 22 years of a 25 to life sentence (third strike) for ex-felon in possession of a firearm. We filed a prop. 36 petition and he was released from custody.

Name Withheld at Clients Request
Stockton, California

Mr. Morales served 27 years on a 15 years to life sentence for a gang-murder. Although the Board of Parole Hearings granted his parole release, two governors reversed the board's decision. We filed a writ and the Los Angeles Superior Court ordered him released in 2010.

Alex Morales
Whittier, California
3268 Governor Drive, Suite 345, San Diego CA 92122